Evaluating the Influence of Gaze Direction on Lens Distortion in Virtual Reality HMDs


This thesis aims to find out whether the influence of gaze direction on lens distortion warrants taking it into account in distortion correction. To achieve this, a ray-tracing setup will be implemented which aids in finding an approximation the physical parameters of Oculus' DK2 lens for further ray-tracing.
In ray-tracing a virtual DK2 setup using the lens approximation found in step 1, distorted versions of a reference image will be rendered for a wide range of eye positions. The influence of gaze direction will then be evaluated. This is done by comparing images rendered with an offset pupil with the image rendered when the pupil is aligned with the optical axis of the lens. Finally, distortion coefficients for the Brown-Conrady distortion model will be obtained. The field of photogrammetry presents multiple techniques to obtain such coefficients.