Shape Adaptive Cut Lines

Shape Adaptive Cut Lines

Veröffentlicht 2016


We present a novel method to express base layer and compression garments directly coupled to a human body geometry. Our system enables the transfer of a previously defined patch configuration from a virtual template avatar to arbitrary input bodies. A complete pipeline for the virtual evelopment of second skin garments is presented. The system’s strength is the transparent usage for two important scenarios in the apparel industry. On the one hand grading for a population is presented using body shape statistics without using any measurements and on the other hand an approach for custom garment creation in a made-to-shape fashion is proposed.

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Eurographics Workshop on Graphics for Digital Fabrication
2016; (Eurographics Workshop on Graphics for Digital Fabrication); S. 49-55; ISBN: 978-3-03868-003-1; ISSN: 2297-9255;
Eurographics Workshop on Graphics for Digital Fabrication (08.05.2016)
Lisbon, Portugal




  • The Eurographics Association
  • Nico Pietroni