Real-Time View-Dependent Rendering of Parametric Surfaces

Real-Time View-Dependent Rendering of Parametric Surfaces

Veröffentlicht 2009


We propose a view-dependent adaptive subdivision algorithm for rendering parametric surfaces on parallel hardware. Our framework allows us to bound the screen space error of a piecewise linear approximation. We naturally assign more primitives to curved areas while keeping quads large for flatter parts of the model and avoid cracks resulting from the polygonal approximation of non-uniform patch subdivision. The overall algorithm is simple, fits current GPUs extremely well, and is surprisingly fast while producing little to no artifacts.


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The measurement for the car in Figure 1 was made with different view point and a different threshold than the measurements for Tables 2 and 3. We used 16 normals per patch and a threshold of 1 pixel as opposed to the threshold of 0.5 pixel used for the remaining measurements. (Caught by Raquel Concheiro Figueroa. Thank you :))


I3D '09: Proceedings of the 2009 symposium on Interactive 3D graphics and games
2009; S. 137-143; ISBN: 978-1-60558-429-4;


  • Eric Haines
  • Morgan McGuire
  • Daniel G. Aliaga
  • Manuel Oliveira