Computer Graphics 

BlendER Seminar 2014
Das BlendER-Seminar geht nach vielen schlaflosen N├Ąchten zu Ende und es gibt neue Kurzfilme zu bewundern. [mehr...]
Wer noch immer zu viel Schlaf hat sollte einen Blick auf unser bachelor- und master-Praktikum werfen.

The Chair for Computer Science 9 (Computer Graphics) works on the generation and manipulation of synthetic images, virtual worlds and computer animations with the help of computers.

This comprises methods for generating suitable models of the scene (geometric modeling), methods for displaying such scenes (image synthesis, rendering) as well as the processing of large data sets with aim to visualize the information content (scientific visualization). Our focus is on applications of computer graphics in medicine and engineering.

The Department was founded 1992 and currently employs 21 scientific assistants.